mom is wow


Mom is an awesome word. 
Mom turned upside down is also wow.

This means no matter how much a mom is tosses about by her children, she still remains wow.

She is awesome, she is resilient, she is great. She puts smiles on her children's faces. She feeds her children, bathes them and wipes their tears away. 
Mothers  give their  children all their love at all times and makes sacrifices for her children.
She does not take a break from being a mom.

Moms all over the world are the best!

It interesting to note that mothers are usually the first their children go to for comfort, assurance and when they are hungry. Moms are their for their children, and their children love them unconditionally.

Just as our wold in God is balanced when we are in His presence, in the same way, when children are with their mamas, their world to them is balanced.

If you think you are not good enough, think about how much your children love you and they always think you are the best for them.

Don't be hard on yourself. Everyone has flaws and you know what? Your children and loved ones don't care about any flaws you may have. Even if some do care about those flaws, your children do not. God loves you all the same and with Him on your side, you are good to go.

Don't mind the bump on your nose, mark on your face or even your  tummy or any other thing that makes you feel low.

God made you a beautiful woman, no matter what you think. When you see YOU the way God sees you, then you get to see yourself from a more beautiful perspective.

So mom, no matter how you see YOU to be, your children know you are awesome, you are great.

Keep being you and doing your best. God is kind to you, be kind to yourself.

Create time for self care no matter how little the time.  Exercises, healthy meals, new hair do, etc also help to boost self esteem. Have some 'mom'  time too.

Mom is wow turned upside down. The reflection of mom is wow. 

Moms all over the world, you are celebrated and loved. 

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