mom is wow


Mom is an awesome word. 
Mom turned upside down is also wow.

This means no matter how much a mom is tosses about by her children, she still remains wow.

She is awesome, she is resilient, she is great. She puts smiles on her children's faces. She feeds her children, bathes them and wipes their tears away. 
Mothers  give their  children all their love at all times and makes sacrifices for her children.
She does not take a break from being a mom.

Moms all over the world are the best!

It interesting to note that mothers are usually the first their children go to for comfort, assurance and when they are hungry. Moms are their for their children, and their children love them unconditionally.

Just as our wold in God is balanced when we are in His presence, in the same way, when children are with their mamas, their world to them is balanced.

If you think you are not good enough, think about how much your children love you and they always think you are the best for them.

Don't be hard on yourself. Everyone has flaws and you know what? Your children and loved ones don't care about any flaws you may have. Even if some do care about those flaws, your children do not. God loves you all the same and with Him on your side, you are good to go.

Don't mind the bump on your nose, mark on your face or even your  tummy or any other thing that makes you feel low.

God made you a beautiful woman, no matter what you think. When you see YOU the way God sees you, then you get to see yourself from a more beautiful perspective.

So mom, no matter how you see YOU to be, your children know you are awesome, you are great.

Keep being you and doing your best. God is kind to you, be kind to yourself.

Create time for self care no matter how little the time.  Exercises, healthy meals, new hair do, etc also help to boost self esteem. Have some 'mom'  time too.

Mom is wow turned upside down. The reflection of mom is wow. 

Moms all over the world, you are celebrated and loved. 


Adjusting to being a stay at home mum or work from home mum and making the best of it

If you like going to work, enjoying the satisfying feeling of getting up early in the morning, preparing for work and stepping out into the fresh morning breeze on your way to work, but now find yourself  staying at home as a stay home parent to deal with work, children and home almost every hour of the day, then this new phase and adjusting to the schedules could be overwhelming.

Due to the covid19 pandemic, women had to leave their nine to five jobs to either work from home or be full time stay at home mums. In some cases, other situations like health or family issues could cause women to leave their jobs. However, in other cases, there are some women who left their nine to five jobs from working for other organizations to working for themselves build up their own businesses so they could have more time to be with their kids.

 Some other women even started their own family businesses so that it can be passed down to their children and grandchildren.

From the health and economic point of view, the challenge created by the covid is affecting women pretty hard. This has caused a sharp turn in women’s activities, and has caused them to  feel stressed and overwhelmed even as they deal more with children and home in addition to work. More women who go to work now stay at home. The needful obligatory duties to take care of children have come to be part of the reasons. Needs in the home front can cause a mum to leave her work and focus on the home and children.

Women who are in this situation are mostly mums with children from little babies to teenagers. Some mums with older children are affected in this pandemic situation.

However, there are some mums who do not consider it as a challenge, at all, in fact, they see it as a blessing in disguise to them because they now have the luxury to be present with their children and be there when their children need them.

On the flip side of the coin are mums who always love to go to work, either because they love the feel of stepping out in the morning or they enjoy the fulfilment of being able to contribute their quota at work and also earn an income from it.

There ARE advantages to staying at home full time or working from home:

·         You become your own boss.

 It is even more flexible when you are your own boss. You get to choose when you start your day, start working and when you finish working for the day. No queries on that.


·         You get to have those rare beautiful moments with you children.

 Having a one on one beautiful moment can be overlooked or taken for granted until you have that precious beautiful experience with your children and also other family members.


·         You get to enjoy more what family life is all about.

Having a family is rewarding and sometimes parents forget that part because of their work away from home.

·       You get to understand your children better and also know how to manage them better.

      Dealing with children needs more patience and you find out you get to be more resilient in your two-fold-job as a work from home parent and as a stay at home parent.


·         You will be more relaxed in a familiar place, especially at home.

       It is many parents wish to work from home and still earn great income. Working from home is more flexible and more relaxing and nobody is looking over your shoulder to see what you are doing.


·         You get to work at your own pace and you do not feel crowded or distracted, thereby your thought lines will be more defined.


·         Bonding time with family and a sense of security mostly for the children and air of  love going on all round the home. Tension is reduced because that will not be rubbed off on the family members, especially on the children.


·         You will learn to be more patient:

At first it may not be that easy because you’ll find out that because you have been dealing with adults before now and those adults easily understood your adult language, you will have to calmly and patiently understand how to speak in children languages and also learn that adult pace is different from that of children.


Because of circumstances beyond your control due to the pandemic or any other personal or family situation that has caused you to stay at home, your daily work and roles have changed. This can be stressful to you.


I brought up some tips to help you adjust to staying at home or working from home:


·         Help your children understand why you now stay at home or work from home.

Be open to your children, put into consideration how old your child is and their level of understanding and explain to them especially if your children are older so that they won’t be puzzled and feel left out. I am sure most children will be thrilled to have mum stay at home and be with them.


·         Plan a schedule that is flexible for both you and your family.

Have a feasible and flexible work plan to help you do your work, if you are working from home, and also include a fun routine plan, both for you and your family, epecially your children. 

Have some quality constructive play time planned out for your children in each daily activity. This can help you and your children 

·         Take time out when you find you are feeling stressed.


·         You are not alone:

Understand that there are many mums like you who are going through the same siituation.


·         Chat with other mums about this ‘stay at home mum’ or ‘work from home’ situation you are going through.


·         Take a break

Plan in your schedule to take a break from work and dealing with family or simply relax .

Mostly if your children are older, let them have some constuctive games and activities to keep them busy while you close your eyes to relax for a little bit. If your children are still babies and much younger, when your children are asleep, use the opportunity to relax how best you can.



·         Pamper yourself a bit

It is not a crime to take care of yourself. You are entitled to it. Remember to give good care to yourself physically, emotionally, and health wise.  Eat healthy meals, have adult time with other mums, take a relaxing bath and get enough sleep. If your spouse is free, your spouse can help to take care of the children while you do so. So take time out, no matter how little to relax no matter the situation.


Keeping situations positive helps to enjoy your stay at home or work from home. It also helps you to remain in a calm state of mind and manage stress while you deal with your business, bond with your children and managing your home.