How i encouraged my baby to eat better from four months

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When my second son was four months old, I noticed he began not to like being breastfed. This was because he had been watching other members of his family eat other types of food.
My son was chubby and adorable to behold and oh! Did he love to be fed almost all the time.

Here's the thing; I love to breastfeed my babies exclusively for six months before starting them on semi- solid food for babies who are six months and above.  But you see, my baby did not want that. He wanted to eat what other members of his family were eating. I tried to help him concentrate on being breast fed, but he wouldn't corporate.

Therefore, when he was four months and a week old, I had to give in and introduce him to other types of food.
Because he was four months old then, I was careful on the food to feed him. He was always going for banana, so I called the paediatrician who told us banana was OK for him at that age.
"here's your meal, dear baby, you've got your wish" I told my boy. So if your baby is willing to take those semi- solid meals, this is for you.

The procedure is very simple:
Peel one or two fingers of banana (depending on size) and mash it with a fork or puree, then mix it with breast milk or formula ( if your baby takes formula).

You see before this new feeding method, my son almost didn't want to be breastfed any more, but when I introduced him to  the banana meal, he re-accepted being breastfed and made this mum a happier mum. ( you must have noticed I so loved to breastfeed my babies lol).

By the fifth month, I included Sweet potatoes and pureed chicken. He loved that so much.
I must confess I liked the fact that my baby started eating better and I didn't have to cajole him to eat. Yey!!

His meal from four to six months:

At four months- mashed or pureed banana mixed with milk (breast milk or formula)
At five months -  mashed banana mixed with pureed chicken. Also mashed potatoes mixed with pureed chicken.
By the sixth month I included pureed rice to his meal.

 This is the simple procedure:

A few table spoons of cooked rice (you can add more spoons if your child eats more) pureed with one or more fingers of banana. Also mashed potatoes with pureed chicken.
Now, looking back, I'm glad he sort of did not want breast milk alone and I am glad I offered him  semi solid food from four months.
What was your experience, how did you encourage your child? Comment and share.
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