Crazy ways to doing your chores the tired way

  • Sometimes, getting work done at home can be tiring. I wake up in the morning and all i want to do is drop my head back on that pillow and sleep or simply rest my tired body.

If i decide to leave those chores undone, then it means ill have to come back to them later and maybe, more chores could add to the ones left undone. Which means more work to do.

Most mums experience this at some point. May be you are pregnant and you notice you are always tired. You can't get yourself to lift legs and move around the way you used to or the way you want.

Perhaps you are a stay at home mum with little children and between taking care of your precious little ones and managing the home, you are too tired to continue with some chores.

How about the working mamas? You wake up early in the morning to start your day ( starting you day includes getting breakfast - sometimes lunch too- ready, bathing the children, helping them to brush their teeth for the little ones, get them to have their breakfast and even tidy the home ) and then get yourself ready for work.
Later in the day, you come back home to continue with your duties.

How about doing those chores the tired way. Sounds crazy right?It doesn't mean you are lazy but you need to get those work done, though you are tired.
I sometimes wish I could have a close friend or family member come around to help while I rest. We all need it sometimes.
So let's try these few  interesting methods:

  • Sit on a chair or a bed, stretch your hand and fold those clothes and keep them beside you as you fold them. Then shift your chair and place them neatly in their appropriate places. This way your feet get some rest from supporting your weight as you do your work.
  • You know you could also alternate standing and sitting on a chair as you sweep especially if you have a long broom. Crazy idea isn't it?
  • Here's another one: spread your bed spread over your bed then lay on it and rollfrom side to side as you straighten your bed. Rest for a few seconds and get up to do final straightening. Queer right?
  • Don't forget to sing and pray. It sure helps to motivate you.
  • It sounds lazy, but you are getting some work done too.  It doesn't mean you are being lazy, but just tired at that moment.
  • Do you have other ideas? Why don't you share in comments box.
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