first mum blog

OK lets do it! 

 I had been thinking about blogging for some time, but could not bring myself to start until recently. 

Hello my name is chioma and i am new to the idea of blogging. I left my job, got married and relocated to another state with my husband, hoping that I'd get another job, after we get settled. Then i had my first baby and realized i would like to stay at home and take care of him. i also realized the joy of being a mum.


The idea of mum blog and taking care of children came up after having discussions with mum friends about their experiences in managing the home and how they were able to find solutions to the challenges. 


After doing some research and contacting a few bloggers, who have been gracious to provide some guidelines on how to start this blog, i finally decided to write and i am beginning to note the benefits attached to blogging. 

  1.  I shall be giving tips on how to live a relaxed, fulfilled and fun life as mums, even as they take care of their children and manage the home.

  2. This blog will be a medium to relate with mums and make them aware that they can achieve whatever they put their minds to do and also have some fun in the process.

  3.  I'll also be discussing how to have a can-do-it attitude in the face of hindrances.


I'll let you know i am new to the concept of writing, so pardon my grammar and spelling mistakes.


I'll also encourage comments and suggestions.